Proudly published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and printed in the US, Kick Your Own Ass: The Will, Skill, and Drill of Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible is available at both online and traditional bookstores.


Maximize the potential and increase the production of your entire team by learning how the 80/20 rule can apply to almost every aspect of sales.


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“Rob’s approach to the sales process was refreshing and innovative. Every one of our sales staff was able to take something away from his presentation to enhance their own sales process.”
– Sam F. Gannett Company, Inc.

“Rob combines his deep experience with the latest business thought to produce exceptional sales, marketing, and leadership training that has a dramatic effect on revenue generation…”
– Brock B. Principal, More Demand L.L.C.



“…This book does something the others don’t. It tells you that it isn’t closing that makes the sale, but will. …Then tells you exactly how to develop the will, the character trait so essential to success.”
—Michael E. Gerber, bestselling author of the E-Myth books

“…Kick Your Own Ass explains how to evaluate, plan, and successfully execute the steps of change we all strive for, yet have never achieved. A great read!”
—Greg Kirshe, President, United Solutions

“Kick Your Own Ass should be the last sales book you ever read. Rob Johnson outlines the steps that it takes for sales success… Read Kick Your Own Ass and then kick your sales career to the next level!”
—Taylor Macdonald, award-winning channel executive